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Ignite Phase

Become a fat-burning machine! Ignite is all about reducing inflammation and teaching your body to run off of fat for fuel instead of sugar. This ignites your metabolism and helps you shed pounds quickly without feeling hungry.

Eating plan: Low carb, anti-inflammatory.

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Nourish Phase

The objective of Nourish is to accelerate gut healing and optimize all functions of the body by increasing the intake of micronutrient-dense superfoods. Learn how you’ll monitor your macros and how to decrease animal proteins while increasing plants.

Eating Plan: Plant based, fewer animal proteins.

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Renew Phase

Tech your body how to use carbs for fuel effectively. Rather than storing carbs as fat, your body utilizes them in a process we refer to as MacroPhasing, our version of Carb Cycling. Keep your body guessing with this tri-pronged approach. You'll also get to plan for, and schedule the meals you want most, into your week.

Eating Plan: Alternating days of high protein, high carb, and high fat.

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Target Phase

Target helps to stabilize your blood sugar and regulate insulin in order to get off the “always hungry” cycle. By balancing protein, fat and carbs in each meal and snack, you feel nourished and satisfied with fewer cravings. This enables you to lose weight while eating more frequently, providing ample energy to fuel you through workouts, at your job, as a busy mom, and everything in between.

Eating plan: Balanced macros, low-sugar, anti-inflammatory.

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Tough Times Phase

Tough Times can be any time in your life when things are uncertain. Maybe money is tight, your marriage is rocky, you feel stressed with the kids, or your parent is ailing. While we've designed it to help manage the anxiety people are feeling during the Coronavirus quarantine, it really is a blueprint for times that take you out of your routine, and when your life is chaotic. It's for any season when sticking to a healthy plan is hard, but you know you still need to prioritize your health. Practice small action steps that, when combined, add up to big wins for your health and wellness.

Eating plan: Healthy, easy to prepare meals, anti-inflammatory.

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